Create A Wow: How To Use Halo Lit Signs Effectively For Your Business

What do Kiehl’s, Triumph and Versace all have in common? These diverse businesses all use halo lit signs to project a sophisticated image. This unique and subtle lighting effect is used to create eye-catching signage that elevates not only the perceived value of the sign, but also the company that uses it. In short, if you want to create a real wow for your business, you need to invest on halo lit signage.

Getting started with halo lighting

This stunning yet subtle lighting effect is achieved by projecting white or coloured lighting, often using LEDs, onto the background for your sign. It’s clear, therefore, that your sign needs to be mounted on a particular type of background. Too glossy and there’s too much reflection, too dark and the light is absorbed.

There are workarounds, however, to both issues if the background is intrinsic to your brand identity. On a dark surface, white cut vinyl letters can be used to mount the sign for optimum reflection. With a high gloss, the use of a diffuser can soften the glow and create the perfect halo effect.

Create the effect

You also need to ensure that your LEDs are facing towards the interior of the letters. This gives a smooth halo with no individual pinpoints of light. You could also use fluorescent lighting, but it’s neither as energy-efficient as LED or as interesting to work with, as LEDs can be used to create a wide range of colour effects and even different temperatures of white.

One other issue to consider is the mounting distance of your letters. Too close, and you’ll negate the halo effect, too far away and the letters themselves become indistinct. The optimum mounting distance for halo lit signs is usually one and a half to three inches, but you’ll need to work with an experienced fitter to help you achieve the best effect for your installation.

Communicate your brand with colour

While some brands are clearly under the impression that the only colour for halo lighting is bright white, you can differentiate your sign by understanding the way that you can communicate effectively with colour. While white can project a clean and professional image, using corporate colours may enhance your sign or be used to add warmth for hospitality industries.

Be careful when using multiple colours, however. Lighting your logo and company name differently, for example, may look disjointed. But using your brand colours where appropriate can be a clever way to enhance brand recognition and give your sign extra appeal.

Work with the professionals

Halo lit signage can have a dramatic impact when constructed and installed properly. With so many variables that can affect the overall presentation of your halo lit sign, you need to work with the best to ensure every aspect from design to installation and maintenance is taken care of. At The Sussex Sign Company, we deliver the best possible return on your investment, creating halo lit signs that project a professional and cohesive image for your brand. Contact us today via phone or email for more details on how you can harness the power of the halo for your new signage.