The power of window and wall graphics 

Creating a strong visual presence is more important than ever in today’s competitive business world. Window and wall graphics are powerful tools for companies to showcase their brand, engage with customers and transform their spaces into visually appealing environments.   Whether you are aiming to establish a professional office atmosphere or create a vibrant and visually… Continue reading The power of window and wall graphics 

The impact of 3D lettering in business signage

In the vibrant world of business branding, the use of 3D lettering has become a popular and impactful choice for business signage. Beyond their conventional application on exteriors, these dimensional letters can be a standout feature when strategically placed indoors, such as a logo sign in reception or visitor areas. In this exploration of the… Continue reading The impact of 3D lettering in business signage

Protect your signs from storm damage

Signage and storm damage If you have invested in signage but never maintained it, you might expect some storm damage with an amber or red warning. You can guarantee that some businesses will be affected, and as winter approaches, businesses need to be prepared for bad weather and the challenges that come with it.  When… Continue reading Protect your signs from storm damage

Business signage for autumn

Business signage for autumn: Turning leaves and turning heads Captivate customers with eye-catching designs, seasonal charm and effective strategies to boost your brand this autumn. As the vibrant hues of autumn begin to paint the West Sussex landscape, businesses have a unique opportunity to capture the essence of the season and draw in customers with… Continue reading Business signage for autumn

Hospitality signage solutions

Hospitality signage: guiding guests with style and sophistication Our hospitality signage solutions will transcend practicality, providing stylish custom signs and innovative designs to create a lasting impression on visitors. The world of hospitality is ever-evolving, where first impressions and guest experiences reign supreme. In an era where every detail matters, one aspect that often goes… Continue reading Hospitality signage solutions

Outdoor signage: designing outdoor signs that shine

Outdoor signage is a vital tool for marketing and communication and needs to stand out in our digitally saturated world. In today’s digital age, where screens and devices dominate our attention, designing signs for outdoor use that grab people’s interest and cut through the digital noise has become more important than ever. So, how do… Continue reading Outdoor signage: designing outdoor signs that shine

Outdoor signage tips for summer maintenance

Your outdoor signage is exposed to all weather conditions, from rain and wind to blazing sunshine. And keeping it well-maintained ensures your signs continue to make a great impression for your West Sussex business. While your signage should be professionally serviced once a year, here are some simple tips on getting everything clean and fresh… Continue reading Outdoor signage tips for summer maintenance

Offline marketing: business signage

Offline marketing strategies to grow your business Business signage is a smart, cost-effective way to market your brand. Contact The Sussex Sign Company today to discuss your offline marketing strategy and all your business signage. Remember the good old days before digital marketing? Then it won’t come as a surprise that business signage remains one… Continue reading Offline marketing: business signage