The Unexpected Benefits Of Illuminated Signs

A successful business plan lives or dies by the number of customers who actually set foot through the door. After all, if nobody visits your business, how can you sell them your goods or services? That’s why you need attractive and attention-grabbing signage for your commercial premises. However, upgrading your commercial signage with illumination can take the value of your visual assets to another level and the functionality of your upgrade will quickly become apparent.

Clear advantages of illuminated signage

The advantages are clear. Your business automatically becomes highly visible and your sign keeps working for you 24/7, particularly if you use energy-efficient LEDs. Another benefit of a well-designed illuminated sign is that you’ll attract passing trade in a more effective way than you did before and you’ll drive brand recognition.

The unexpected benefits

Beyond the shining beacon of your illuminated signage, there are a host of benefits that are quite unexpected, that can further boost your intangible assets. Here are some of the most interesting hidden perks:

Increase the value of your property: investing in illuminated signage is a smart move in as much as it enhances the kerb appeal of your business. And that, as any estate agent will tell you, can significantly enhance the value of your property. By enhancing your signage and boosting brand recognition through illumination, you’re adding value to your business assets.

Inspire customer decisions: Nearly half of all purchases are made on sheer impulse. Imagine how you can leverage that impulsive behaviour with a bright and attractive illuminated sign? Now factor in the percentage of the population who are actively looking for local commerce. Illuminate your signs and you’ll be directly in their eye line. It’s your way to take control of the customer journey and influence those impulse decisions.

A community landmark: Not only will illuminated signage catch the eye of potential consumers, but it will also give your community an attractive focal point. Imagine becoming a local landmark and meeting spot, and then think about how that recognition will drive footfall. Make a good enough job of your illuminated signage and you may even attract the attention of the local council who may choose to reward you for business innovation and/or regeneration.

Multiple impressions: Your illuminated signage will not only attract customers and boost your sales, but it can also create multiple impressions throughout the day and night. Estimates put the number of impressions as high as 60 per month for 85% of your customer base. Each time they view your signs, it reinforces brand recognition, keeping your business top of mind and having an impact, whether subconscious or conscious, on your customer’s purchasing decisions.

Ask the experts

Of course, when you make the decision to upgrade your signage, then you expect your new illuminated signs to have that wow factor that will reap all these unexpected benefits. At The Sussex Sign Company, we can offer advice on the most appropriate illuminated signage solutions, including LED lighting systems, ensuring the best possible return on investment for our clients. Contact us via phone or email to find out more.