How A Stunning Vinyl Wrap Increases Brand Exposure

If you want a high impact, low cost way to get increased brand exposure, then you need to invest in a high quality vinyl wrap for your vehicle fleet. Even if you’re a one-man band, you can still benefit from the power of a rolling billboard to advertise your products and services and to drive brand recognition. Just imagine it – anything up to 1,000 impressions a day, whether your car is parked outside your house, in a public car park, driving the streets or on your forecourt. It’s low-key, 24/7 advertising that increases your brand exposure without you having to do a thing.

Visual appeal

You only have to look at the before and after pictures of a few vinyl wrap transformations to realise what a stunning impact vehicle signage can have. Make the strategic decision to utilise this passive form of advertising and customers will be attracted to your colourful and dynamic vehicle. Better yet, you can buy a cheaper white vehicle and then create an incredible customised car wrap that boosts brand recognition and protects your vehicle’s body work from wear and tear, meaning you also protect its resale or trade-in value.

Cost-effective impressions

No other form of advertising has such a wide reach and creates such a long-lasting impression. A high quality car wrap can last up to 5 years when manufactured and installed with care, which means your costs can be as little as 4p per thousand impressions. Just as no other form of advertising can compete with the costs per impression, no other marketing channel is as long-lasting.

Customer impact

Studies show that potential customers retain the information from mobile advertising like car signage far more easily than they do from other, more traditional forms of advertising. That may be because of the relatively lengthy exposure time, particularly during a traffic jam, which all works to your advantage.

Launch and re-launch

Because of the impact your car wrap will have, it’s the ideal strategy for a product or business launch. However, a high quality vinyl wrap can be equally effective if you want to rebrand your business, since an eye-catching design will pique your audience’s interest. Because you can add cut vinyl details to an existing wrap, you could even tease your audience before the big reveal of your new branding.

Eye candy

The effectiveness of vehicle graphics stands or falls on whether your audience finds them visually enticing. A great graphic can really engage customers, whereas a cluttered and confused image will see them zoning your vehicle out. Realistically, you have around 6 seconds to make an impression, but when you see people taking selfies with your vinyl wrap, you’ll know you’ve engaged them fully.

Ask the professionals

If you’re interested in exploiting the power of low cost, high impact vehicle signage to boost your brand exposure, then get in touch via phone or email. At The Sussex Sign Company, we’ll design, manufacture and install a high quality, eye-catching vehicle wrap for your car, lorry or van that grabs your customers attention and doesn’t let go.