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Wayfinding signage

Custom wayfinding signage

Wayfinding Signs and Directional signage can be manufactured in many different and creative ways. The importance of Wayfinding is sometimes ignored but directional signs are an important facet of any business signage system.

Types of wayfinding signs

Wayfinding Signs can be manufactured as a Fingerpost system, post and panel system, acrylic wall mounted systems, office signs and directional street signage. We undertake a wide range of wayfinding sign projects which are visible across organisations as well as our beautiful countryside.

Good quality, well-designed wayfinding signs should be obvious but not intrusive, allowing you to find your way around seamlessly without being conspicuous by their presence.

Educational wayfinding signage

Schools, colleges and campuses need different wayfinding solutions. There are many buildings on a campus and each needs classifying.

Navigation around a campus is very important especially for new students and visitors. Finding buildings like the library, student learning facilities, halls and places to eat are essential to make new students feel welcomed and integrated.

Office wayfinding signs

It is good practice to install office directional signs at your business. This will assist your customers and guests to meeting rooms, lifts, cafes, departments and offices. Installing directional signs are also a major part of brand identity, just like custom clothing.

Hospital directional signage

We all know how overwhelming the size of a hospital can be, and finding your way around should be made as easy as possible. Directional signage guides patients to their appointments and busy staff to their places of work, quickly and efficiently. Well planned graphics, especially in times of emergencies like Covid-19, can help prevent the spread of infections. Let us help you avoid challenging situations with well-planned signs.

Hotel and leisure directional signage

Hotel signage is unique as you will require your hotel to have custom signs that are clearly marked to show the location of different rooms and facilities. With hotel signage, you need to ensure your customers are satisfied and that you are providing a positive experience.

The same applies to leisure centres, tennis clubs, golf courses, race courses and many other sports and leisure activities. Custom directional signs help visitors navigate wide open spaces, club houses, courses and courts, and specific points for their sports and leisure journeys.

Outdoor directional signage is often the way to highlight your business to passers-by. Let us help you make your signs more appealing. Ask for a quote or contact us for more details. Call 01273 4245900.

Creative and educational customised wayfinding signs

If you want to make your signage unforgettable this is one project that was a cut above the rest. Creating a sense of place, this landmark 1066 signage was a stunning project we undertook in East Sussex.

Directional entrance signs

Show your customers where to go and welcome them in. Make a good first impression with a visually appealing sign and ensure your customers or clients get to where they want quickly.

We can make any space unforgettable with our custom designs and different styles. Whether you want bright colours to lift a dull wall, an environmentally friendly sign or an illuminated directional sign, just ask for a quote and we will come up with a solution to match your budget and your branding.

The Sussex Sign Company are happy to give advice on the best wayfinding systems for your building or organisation so your signs are attractive but not intrusive. To ensure your wayfinding signage is working we can manufacture, design and install the perfect system for you.

Modern internal wayfinding signage

Modern Wayfinding signs are a great way of helping clients or visitors to find their way around your building in an orderly way.

Whether it is to direct someone to a department or to show them the way around the building, wayfinding systems can add a touch of class to any building or signage system.

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    Mrs K Hayler
    Mrs K Hayler
    28. October, 2023.
    Fantastic "Celebration Wall" designed and installed by The Sussex Sign Company for use atThe Weald School. Great service and value for money thank you.
    Megan Welstead
    Megan Welstead
    27. October, 2023.
    Brilliant service, great communication and exceeded expectations. All signage was installed promptly with clear well printed graphics.
    Brighton Pinot & Picasso
    Brighton Pinot & Picasso
    27. October, 2023.
    The Sussex Sign Company helped us get our new studio decked out ready for opening at very short notice. We are really pleased with the result and get lots of positive comments from guests.
    Andy Hill
    Andy Hill
    4. September, 2023.
    Excellent communications and helpful staff.
    SE Rambler
    SE Rambler
    12. June, 2023.
    Brilliant customer service and our company signage is in place after just a few weeks (from initial call to onsite measurements to installation). We have used your services twice (in quick succession) because of the seamless service. And we will now put you on our preferred supplier list (and recommend you to others). Very happy customers and we highly recommend The Sussex Sign Company.
    Stephanie Pitts
    Stephanie Pitts
    5. June, 2023.
    Great service from Andy Gomm and the team. Great value for money and very responsive in an emergency.
    Fraser Williams
    Fraser Williams
    1. June, 2023.
    Really great to do business with. Anastasia really worked hard to get my Squash Club Bar sign done and I'm very happy with the quality for the price paid. Lots of design input and guidance through the process regarding quality and colours. Good communications throughout. Thanks SSC!
    John Rayment
    John Rayment
    13. April, 2023.
    I recently used Sussex Sign Comany for our 15th store in Caterham. Great quality and service from start to finish!