Office signs – internal and external.

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Experts in office signs. Custom-made for outdoor and indoor.

We are experts in designing, manufacturing and fitting custom signs for your office or business. As signage experts for over 30 years, we can recommend the best solution for any building, office or business base.

Your office or business needs to attract attention, and we have a wide variety of signs that each offer unique advantages. Using an experienced signage company comes with added benefits in that we have fitted, made and installed thousands of signs over the years.

Let’s give you some office sign ideas for your business.

Monument signs

Monument signs are excellent low-profile signage solutions. This low-mounted sign fixed close to the ground shows the company name or message at eye level or lower.

Monument signs are fully customisable and come in various shapes and sizes. In addition, they frequently offer a decorative solution to fit in with their surroundings.

Post signs

Pole or post signs rest on a single post and generally display one company name. Post signs are suitable for various businesses; their designs are varied and can look equally at home in a commercial or rural setting.

Illuminated signs

Modern, bold and unmissable, illuminated letters make a big statement on brand and company names. This style of signage looks equally as good inside or outside, setting you apart from your competitors.

Illuminated letters are individually cut letters with hollow internal channels. The letters spell out the company, brand name or logo. They project a professional image to any building, store or retail outlet.

There are different types of illuminations: halo-lit, LED, neon, front-lit, side-lit, back-lit, dual lit and internally-lit, which give an irresistible glow.

Every part of our signs can be fully customisable to your branding requirements.

Illuminated business sign

Reception signs

A newly opened office or business centre looks superb with a custom reception sign. We offer a full range of custom signs tailored to your specific requirements.

Visitors get their first impression of a business from their reception area, so why not make sure it is one they won’t forget?

We can design and fit lobby nameplates and plaques, reception signs, illuminated signs, branded signs, window and door graphics, wall graphics and wayfinding signage in a wide range of materials, including aluminium, wood and acrylic.

Dimensional letters or 3D letters

Similar to channel letters, these are individually cut for custom logos and company names. These are not hollow but solid acrylic or metal letters. They tend to have a flatter appearance and can be set against a wall/surface or extended from the wall on a rod.

Wayfinding signs

Wayfinding signs are for places that need better navigation. They can be interior or exterior, and we offer infinite styles.

Wayfinding can also feature directories, colourful maps and other interactive features, bringing a cohesive brand message to staff and visitors.

Projecting signs or blade signs

These signs provide the opportunity for you to mount your signage perpendicular to the wall of your business. A solution that works perfectly for increasing street-level visibility and attracting more foot traffic.

Add internal LEDs to further increase visibility at night.

Signage gallery direction sign

Wall decals

Vinyl wall decals are now so versatile that they can be applied to almost any surface. We can design impressive graphics that will enhance any business.

Personalise your advertising, convey visual messages and brighten up a dull area of the office. Anything and everything is possible, and those vast empty spaces can soon make your working environment more dynamic and inviting to all. 

For more details of any of the above signs and to discuss your own individual signage needs, please contact us, or call us on 01273 424900.

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    Jeff Thomas
    Jeff Thomas
    19. February, 2024.
    Great service. I needed three pieces of vinyl for a vehicle, so it was only a small order. Many companies may not even have entertained it, yet Anastasia sorted it out for me quickly & efficiently. Proper customer service, I’ll definitely use again for my next sign writing requirements. Recommended!
    Jonathan Cranford
    Jonathan Cranford
    9. February, 2024.
    Delivered product as requested and on time
    Guardswell Group
    Guardswell Group
    6. February, 2024.
    Very professional, established business.
    H Mobile BARBER
    H Mobile BARBER
    25. January, 2024.
    I had the pleasure of working with the company for my car wrapping two years ago, and the results were truly amazing. I was thrilled with the quality and attention to detail. Fast forward to today, I returned for some additional services, and Andy and his team once again exceeded my expectations. Their expertise and dedication to delivering exceptional results shine through. Highly recommend their services!
    Aby Shindler
    Aby Shindler
    14. December, 2023.
    100% would recommend TSSC. They were all really friendly, helpful & quick with every step of the process. Very happy with the results!
    Toby Copeland
    Toby Copeland
    7. December, 2023.
    Our signs are incredibly well done, the process was quick and simple. I called for a quote for our warehouse in Brighton for 4 signs, and instantly someone was over within a day or so. Dan measured up and was extra helpful, while Ayesha in the office looked after our proofs and made sure we were happy with the artwork. I would be recommending Sussex Sign Company to anyone looking for signs for their business. Thanks to all.
    8. November, 2023.
    Very professional and helpful, great experience, would recommend.
    Cynthia Rolmanis
    Cynthia Rolmanis
    8. November, 2023.
    Just recieved our banners today for mencap events a really lovely piece of work very very pleased with the excellent service right from Norman coming out and looking at measurements Natasia excellent communication and excellent delivery
    Dave Roberts
    Dave Roberts
    4. November, 2023.
    So easy as usual!
    Centre Manager St E
    Centre Manager St E
    3. November, 2023.
    Good service, excellent communication throughout, fab product :)