Outdoor signage tips for summer maintenance

outdoor signage

Your outdoor signage is exposed to all weather conditions, from rain and wind to blazing sunshine. And keeping it well-maintained ensures your signs continue to make a great impression for your West Sussex business. While your signage should be professionally serviced once a year, here are some simple tips on getting everything clean and fresh for summer.

Washing your outdoor signage

Ideally, your signs are cleaned monthly. But if you’ve left them to overwinter and they need some care and attention, start with a deep clean.

It’s tempting to get out the pressure washer and give your signage, business frontage and pavement a good blast. And while that can remove the initial layer of dirt and kickstart the cleaning process, be careful not to pressure wash any electrical components.

Instead, buy some mild detergent, a large soft sponge and a soft-bristled brush with a long handle if necessary. Now use the shampoo and sponge to create a lather and gently clean the sign without rubbing and scrubbing. You’re aiming to loosen the top layer of dirt so you can hose it away when you’re finished.

Take care of electricals

If your outdoor signage is illuminated, start by unplugging any electrical components. Next, undertake a thorough examination for dead insects, leaves and grime that can prevent optimum functionality.

In addition, any standing water that accumulates in or around your outdoor signage could cause a power short that destroys your sign. And that’s far more expensive to fix than running routine maintenance.

Stay aware

While you’re cleaning your outdoor signage for the summer, take the time to take stock of your signage’s condition. For example, are the colours fading or is the substrate cracked or damaged?

If there’s a sign of mould, take immediate action. Use a proprietary mould remover and make sure the problem is dealt with. There’s nothing worse than a mould or algae-covered sign that looks the worse for wear to turn off potential customers.

Signage maintenance do’s and don’ts

If you want your signage to look its best all summer, you need to follow a few simple rules.

– Avoid using a high-pressure washer on illuminated signs or if they’re not particularly dirty.

– Don’t use coarse cleaning cloths or stiff brushes.

– Avoid using any kind of abrasive pads or detergents which can cause scratching.

– Never use acids or solvents that can ruin your signs.

– Avoid using paper towels or scrubbing any acrylic signage.

– Make sure your gutters are clear of your outdoor signage.

– Be gentle, using mild detergents and a soft sponge or cloth.

Make maintenance a habit with The Sussex Sign Company

Even the best quality sign needs help occasionally. So if you want to get the best out of your West Sussex business signage this summer, make maintenance a priority. Regular cleaning and inspections can keep your signs looking great. But don’t forget to book an annual check-up with us as part of our end-to-end signage service. Contact us today.

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