Business signage builds brand awareness

Business signage

Business signage is one of the best ways to build brand awareness. Contact The Sussex Sign Company to find out more.

Your brand is about so much more than your logo. But your logo and branding are the first point of contact for your customers. So how can your East Sussex business capture your customer’s interest and build awareness? With high-quality business signage.

Establishing your brand means using your visual assets to build recognition. Making your business easier to find on a busy high street is a valuable way to build brand awareness. In time, your logo will be the one that customers seek out.

Make a first impression

Good signage makes a great first impression. And customers make assumptions about your business based on visual clues. Get it right, and your customers will keep coming back to your brand. Get it wrong, and a poor first impression can be hard to dislodge.

Your business signage should tell your customers everything they need to know about your brand at a glance. But there are telltale giveaways that they’ll pick up on. For example, if your sign is of good quality, customers assume you put thought and care into your business.

Increase awareness

Your signage needs to do a lot of heavy lifting for your brand. Beyond that first impression, it tells people you’re open for business. It gives your customers a heads up about your brand personality. And it lets them know at a glance what’s on offer.

Whether you’re a startup or an established business moving location, your business signage should focus on your logo, brand colours and tagline. Your choice of fonts will convey the way you do business. And a memorable design will keep you top of mind the next time customers need your products or services.

Target your customers

80% of customers enter your store based on the quality of your signage. And well-branded business signs can target customers right at the heart of your community. The combination of design, execution and location raises awareness of your location. But, additionally, it signposts your exceptional service.

Adding your contact details is a way of saying you offer great customer service. And the quality of your sign shows you care about attracting customers. In addition, eye-catching graphics market themselves and deliver an incredible ROI. So you can boost your sales without taking your eye off your business.

Build loyalty

From a cheeky pavement A-frame to your standout marquee sign, your business signage builds recognition and loyalty. Utilising 24/7 branded signage does several things. It reminds your customers you’re open for business – and when. And it’s incredibly effective at driving passers-by through your doors. One survey even put the increase in revenue as a result of great business signage as high as 65%.

Once you have your customer’s attention, build on it with an entire suite of business signs designed to enhance the customer experience at every touchpoint of their journey.

Business signage in East Sussex

Get your business signs right the first time with The Sussex Sign Company, and you’ll reap the benefits of increased brand awareness. Please contact us today to find out how.

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