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Offline marketing

Offline marketing strategies to grow your business

Business signage is a smart, cost-effective way to market your brand. Contact The Sussex Sign Company today to discuss your offline marketing strategy and all your business signage.

Remember the good old days before digital marketing? Then it won’t come as a surprise that business signage remains one of your best offline strategies. With 92% of purchases made in-store, neglecting traditional forms of marketing in East Sussex could cost you dearly. 

What is offline marketing, and why is it important?

The rise of digital marketing has overshadowed traditional offline strategies. Yet offline marketing – through ads and flyers, sponsorship, business signage and more – remains a cost-effective strategy that delivers a higher ROI than your online efforts.

In addition, your offline marketing is hugely flexible, giving you the opportunity to create hyperlocal campaigns that drill down into your targeted demographic. And that attention to your local community builds trust and authenticity.

Offline marketing strategies for your business

Planning your offline campaign means knowing your customer and defining your objectives. And when it comes to making the maximum impact, business signage has one of the lowest costs per impression around.

With the right designs and placement, your business signs can do the heavy lifting when it comes to attracting and converting customers. And the statistics are impressive: almost 85% of customers are attracted by bright and well-designed signage, while over 72% consider excellent signage more important than social media.

To track the success of your signage strategy, include a QR code or landing page URL so you quantify user engagement.

Why business signage works

Business signs are one of the most identifiable ways of gaining brand recognition. Through repeated exposure to your branding and logo, you’ll build trust and awareness. And the more creative you are, the more memorable your branding becomes.

But there are other advantages to advertising your presence with business signs. For example, your fixed signs are a non-intrusive form of advertising that won’t get lost in online noise or blocked by your potential customers.

Instead, they become an indicator of the calibre of your business. In fact, for 8 out of 10 customers, the quality of your signage is directly linked to their perception of the quality of your goods and services.

And with illuminated signs, you can raise awareness of your business 24/7. Energy-efficient LEDs give you ultimate control over sign customisation, creating eye-catching effects that attract customers day or night.

Is your business signage hurting your business?

It’s established that well-designed and professionally installed business signs have a raft of benefits. But are your East Sussex business signs delivering as they should?

As part of your offline marketing strategy, it’s worth undertaking a comprehensive signage audit. Do your fonts work for your business, or are your signs illegible? Are you sacrificing readability for visibility? Do your signs look cluttered and shabby? Or is the messaging crisp, sharp and professional?

If your business signs are letting you down, please contact The Sussex Sign Company. Our end-to-end signage service will ensure you make the most of this time-tested offline marketing strategy.

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