Business signs: Why illuminating your signage is best for business

illuminated business signs

Business signs deliver great ROI but light them up, and you’ll increase their impact. Contact The Sussex Sign Company to find out more about how we design illuminated business signs in Brighton, East and West Sussex.

You already know that business signs work. But what if there was a way to enhance that impact? Illuminating business signs helps you communicate with potential customers day and night, providing benefits that unlit signs can’t match. We’ve taken a closer look at illuminated business signage to help you make an informed decision.

24/7 visibility for your business

A well-designed sign can get eyes on your business. But an illuminated sign means you’ll have constant visibility, so you never miss a customer.

In low light or rainy conditions, a standard sign can be difficult to see. By the evening, it’s virtually invisible. Illuminated business signs mean they will stand out in any conditions and attract the attention of passers-by, even when you’re closed.

It’s a passive marketing strategy that never stops. And in return, you’ll enjoy increased brand recognition and awareness.

Get your brand noticed

Illuminated business signage has impressive branding possibilities. A lit sign sends a clear message about your business location and its products and services. And by standing out from the competition, your brand stays top of mind for potential customers.

Brand perception is all-important in establishing your credentials as a business to trust. A unique illuminated sign goes a long way toward creating positive brand recognition and converting new customers.

Complete customisation of illuminated business signs

There are literally endless opportunities to create a unique illuminated sign. From materials and colours to fonts and letter design, we can help you create signage that differentiates your business and its unique proposition.

You’ll want to keep your logo, colours and fonts for brand consistency. But illuminated signs are incredibly versatile, with lightbox, front-lit, back-lit and channel letter options to help you create signs with universal appeal.

Increased security

Illuminated signage isn’t just eye-catching. It creates an extra layer of security for your business by keeping your premises well lit. In turn, that deters opportunistic criminals and ensures the safety of staff and customers. In addition, a well-lit building is easier for emergency services to locate if something happens.

Enhanced customer experience

Customer experience is a buzzword for every business. And beautifully designed illuminated business signs have a big part to play in creating the right atmosphere for your customers.

From large outdoor signs to illuminated logo boxes and interior signage, lit-up signs enhance the customer journey. In addition, well-executed illuminated signs are important for wayfinding and information, making store navigation easier. 

Cost-effective business signs from The Sussex Sign Company

Illuminated business signage has stood the test of time, delivering great ROI and long-term benefits for any business. And with low maintenance LEDs, you’ll have minimal ongoing costs and upkeep.

Illuminated signs are the right fit for your business if you’re looking to increase brand awareness, create happy customers and increase sales. To find out more, please contact the team at The Sussex Sign Company today.

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