Is it time to audit your signs?

sign audit

Signage gets your brand noticed but is it time for an update? The Sussex Sign Company can help.

Signs are a proven way to raise brand awareness and get your business discovered. But if your business has been relying on the same signs for a while, it could be time for an audit. Auditing your signs is the intelligent way to make sure your indoor and outdoor signage is aligning with your business goals.

Why you need a signage audit

If you want to maximise the value of your business signs, you need to review them at least once a year. Keeping things fresh, relevant and up-to-date ensures that you continue to stand out from the competition.

A regular audit will help you update your branding, check legibility, incorporate new messaging and identify any signs of wear and tear. Make sure that any promotions or sales are being properly promoted. And check that you’re utilising every square inch of available space.

Find a quiet moment and work systematically, from outside in. Remember, the viewpoint of your customers is critical so try and view your existing signs through their eyes.

Key questions for your signage audit

As you cast an eye over your existing business signs, these are the crucial questions you need to ask:

Do your signs reflect your branding?

It’s easy to assume that print and digital assets are the most important elements of your brand. But signs have a critical everyday influence over customer behaviour. Check that your signs reflect your business colours and fonts, and use the latest iteration of your logo. If your signage doesn’t reflect your values and brand mission, it’s time for an update.

Are your signs visible?

Faded colours, overgrown foliage and neighbouring signs can all block the visibility of your outdoor signs. It’s equally important that your customers can easily see your signs inside as well as out. For example, is that glitzy welcome sign blocking out wayfinding signs or the way to the checkout?

Are your signs in good repair?

Studies show that great sign design and implementation can turn passers-by into customers. But we all know first impressions count. And if your customers are making assumptions about your business based on your signage, then it needs to be well maintained. Check for any cracks, fading or damage and decide whether your signs need repair or a complete overhaul.

Are you missing opportunities?

Windows, doors, walls and even floors are all great places to advertise your business. So make sure that your audit doesn’t waste any opportunities to market your brand. Think about the overall customer experience and ways you can inspire and add value with colours that pop and a strong call to action.

Is your signage legal?

No one wants to incur a hefty fine because they didn’t check the local bylaws. It’s also worth checking that your signs meet guidelines on legibility and readability.

The Sussex Sign Company can help

If your  business is looking to update your signage, we can help. At the Sussex Sign Company we can handle everything from auditing and design to installation, so please get in touch today.

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