Signage Audit

Signage audit

Signage audits: London, Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey, Kent, Essex and The Home Counties.

A key part of the project planning process is the site survey which includes signage audits that are key to a safe and successful project.

These functions include but are not limited to the following:

  • Existing signage is reviewed, and a thorough understanding of a project brief can be prepared
  • Sign programmes are designed and specified to incorporate physical and user practicalities
  • Pedestrian and vehicular routes and volumes are understood
  • The correct sign is specified for the location and purpose
  • Accessibility issues are fully incorporated into schedules and designs
  • Technical requirements, such as sign fixings and frameworks, are correctly specified
  • Special access requirements are incorporated
  • Installation programmes in the minimum amount of time
  • Minimal disruption is anticipated during installation
  • Installation safety is thoroughly planned, for both our installers and your site users

Regardless of the size of the project, from a single-sign installation to a multi-site rollout – The Sussex Sign Company’s experienced team engage in a full consultative process during which we observe, evaluate, analyse and interpret, resulting in a precise signage brief which provides the details for project planners to achieve all of their objectives.

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