5 reasons hotel signs are still important

Jurys Inn Hotel fascia sign

Hotel signs are a great way to create a stunning first impression and improve the guest experience. Contact The Sussex Sign Company today to find out more

Traditional signage is still incredibly important if you want your East Sussex hotel to stand out from the crowd. Creating a strong first impression with hotel signs can impact everything from brand visibility to the guest experience. And that gives low maintenance hotel signs an incredible reach and ROI.

These are our top five reasons why interior and exterior signage are a good fit for your hotel.

1 – First impressions count

It might be a business cliche, but making a strong first impression is the best way to imprint your hotel business on your guests.

Implementing poor-quality signage immediately sends a strong signal. Your guests will assume that profits matter more than guests and that service will be as shoddy as your signs.

Well-thought-out signage says your guests can expect a warm welcome and excellent service. And the first impression created by high-quality hotel signs will last, keeping your business top of mind.

2 – Enhances brand identity

Your branding sets you apart from the competition. Creating a memorable identity that goes beyond bricks and mortar will connect directly with your guests. And that brand recognition will bring them back time and again.

A well-chosen logo, company colours and fonts can all help to evoke your hotel’s values and commitment to great customer service. Get that right, and you can replicate your branding across all your exterior and interior signs for maximum visibility.

3 – Flawless navigation

Your guests feel at ease when they can find your hotel and move around with a minimum of fuss. Traditional hotel signs are an exceptional way to deliver flawless navigation, from roadside signage to interior wayfinding signs.

If you’re on a side street or a country lane, adequate signage will make it easy for guests to find you. In turn, that enhances an excellent first impression. Then ensure you have excellent wayfinding signs throughout your hotel so guests can move around with ease. This increases guest satisfaction and makes it more likely that they’ll use your facilities.

4 – Hotel signs enhance the guest experience

Your guests want to feel comfortable. And you want to provide them with the best service. Your signs have a huge role to play in establishing the ambience of your hotel. In addition, they can help you upsell to guests without intrusive sales techniques.

Beautifully designed signs should be consistent and reflect your brand across the lobby, corridors, rooms, restaurant and bar and all your facilities including your team’s workwear. Appropriate customised signs establish your identity and decisively enhance your guests’ experience.

5 – New marketing opportunities

Signage is low maintenance and endlessly versatile. And that gives it the edge over digital signage or social media marketing. Cost-effective hotel signs are highly recognisable in all weather, and they make a great backdrop for your guests’ reviews on their own social media channels.

Hotel signs from The Sussex Sign Company

If you’re interested in making traditional signage work for you, please get in touch with us. We can guide you through every step of the process, from design to installation, to maximise your ROI and make your East Sussex hotel stand out!

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