Hospitality signs enhance your guest experience

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Signage is one of the best ways to enhance the guest experience so let The Sussex Sign Company show you the best way to design your hospitality signs.

The guest experience is of paramount importance to your Sussex based hospitality business. As the UK moves on from the Covid-19 pandemic, what lessons can you learn? And how can signage help to create the ultimate experience?

For most businesses, indoor and outdoor signage has played a valuable part in helping guests feel safe and relaxed during lockdown. From social distancing floor stickers to clear and detailed wayfinding, your signs have played a vital role. Now you can use that experience to create the ultimate experience for your guests.

Why is user experience so important?

If your guests have a great user experience, the chances are they’ll recommend you to their friends and family or spread the word using their social media platforms. And those outstanding reviews and other positive feedback can have a massive positive impact on your business.

Prioritising the customer experience can help your employees manage expectations and put your guests at their ease. In return, you could see repeat business and great word of mouth referrals.

Hospitality signs are central to the guest experience

So, how can your signage put your guests at their ease and help them enjoy their experience? And what are the best signs to accompany your customers from first arrival to the end of their stay?

A warm welcome

When your guests arrive, they expect the check-in experience to be as streamlined as possible. Your signs can help to improve the process and start the experience on the right foot:

Entrance and exit signs should be well designed and strategically placed so visitors know exactly where to go. Add an eye-catching illuminated sign to make getting to the right place effortless.

Promote relaxation and safety

Your signs are there to inform and serve your guests throughout their stay. For example, clear directional signs to rooms, restaurants and other amenities immediately elevate the guest experience by helping them to get around quickly and safely.

You’ll also need safety signs that conform with HSE rules on legibility and accessibility. When ordering signage that enhances your guests’ experience don’t forget to clearly signpost fire doors, exits and escape routes so your guests feel protected. This type of sign is vital, particularly in larger premises.

Customer satisfaction

If your guests expect a seamless and consistent experience, make sure your signs play into your overall branding. Using the same design language across all your signs will deliver a polished and professional end result that boosts brand recognition and increases the chance of your guests visiting again.

Personalise your hospitality signs

Few things can transform the guest experience like well-designed signage. The right combination of indoor and outdoor signs can tell the story of your brand and immediately put guests at their ease.

By welcoming your customers and setting the mood, signs can help you create an environment that enhances your brand and creates a positive impression. Working with an experienced designer can help you define and enhance the guest experience to grow your business.

If you’d like to know more about using beautiful signage to benefit your business, please get in touch.

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