5 reasons why illuminated signs are the ultimate marketing tool

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5 reasons why illuminated signs are the ultimate way to market your brand. Want to know more? Why not give us a call?

If your East Sussex or West Sussex business is looking to make a great first impression then you need illuminated signs. Affordable and effective, eye-catching illuminated signage is a sure-fire way to attract customers.

There are plenty of advantages to using LED illuminated signs. They’re cheap to run and provide 24/7 visibility for your business. And there’s no end date to your marketing campaign, so you can make the most of ultimate reach with minimal costs per impression.

If you want to know five great reasons why you should be using LED business signs to promote your business, read on.

Illuminated signs stand out

The obvious benefit of stylish illuminated signage is that it differentiates you from the competition. Each sign is unique and you’re in control of design decisions that give your signs their visual appeal.

Great marketing aesthetics can make a real difference when it comes to converting passers-by into customers. At The Sussex Sign Company, we can talk you through the full range of options so your signage works for you.

Non-stop advertising

Illuminated business signs are one of the most effective ways to market your business 24/7. We’ll custom build your LED signs so they keep advertising your business day and night, using LEDs to minimise your running costs and provide maximum visibility.

Attention-grabbing signage is proven to bring customers in through the doors. Illuminated business signage lets you make the most of every opportunity to convert sales and raise brand awareness.

Event promotion

Illuminated signage can be surprisingly affordable, and it’s a proven way to draw attention not only to your business but also to your promotions. So why not consider indoor LED signs as part of your marketing strategy? By adding an unusual visual element to the marketing mix, you’ll effortlessly enhance visibility and brand recognition throughout your store.

Boost brand visibility

People prefer to purchase from brands they’re familiar with. And there’s no better way to raise visibility than by lighting up your business signage. Humans are hard-wired to process visual signals faster, so attractive signage is an incredibly effective way to boost brand visibility.

Low-cost LEDs are perfect for producing lighting effects that make your potential customers sit up and take notice. And that repeated exposure to your standout signage will create the brand recognition that promotes your business.

Stylish and sophisticated

Some of the world’s biggest brands opt for halo-lit or front-lit signs to represent their business. Think sleek Chanel signage or the familiar Apple logo, subtly lit using LEDs. These signs go the extra mile with their inviting and interesting look. And your brand can borrow that positive brand perception, using illuminated signs to give a vibrant and dynamic impression.

First impressions have an enormous impact. And the choice to install illuminated signage will elevate any design.

Illuminated signs from The Sussex Sign Company

We’re experts in creating illuminated business signage that raises the profile of your East Sussex or West Sussex business, so get in touch today to find out how we can create the signs that boost your business.

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