5 ways to build your brand with business signage

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Business signage: 5 ways it can build your brand

Business signage sets you apart from your competitors and gets you noticed. Start building your brand with The Sussex Sign Company today

Your brand is about much more than your logo. And standing out from the competition is critical when you’re fighting for customers. Your target audience should be able to identify your business at a glance, so you need visibility. Physical business signage helps to get your brand noticed where it matters while connecting to your online presence. Here are five ways your signs can build your brand.

First impressions count

Your business only has 5-7 seconds to make an impression. And customers require at least five impressions to become aware of your brand. So making a memorable first impression is critical to build your brand successfully.

Poor signage can be a deterrent for customers. Conversely, well-designed signage that delivers consistency and a strong brand message will entice them through your doors.

First impressions can be tough to change, so ensure your choice of fonts and colours are all telling your brand story and creating the impression you want.

Increase awareness and build your brand

Launching a business, rebranding, or moving premises are all opportunities, but they’re not without risks. And the biggest obstacle can be brand awareness.

Business signage lets people know who you are and what you do. By creating a high street presence, you’ll let potential customers know your location, your opening hours, and the goods or services on offer.

Be eye-catching

67% of customers say they’ve made a purchase because well-designed business signage caught their eye. Statistics like those are difficult to ignore when you’re battling to make a mark.

Signage is versatile enough to follow your customer’s physical journey from pavement to the till. Impactful business signs can be placed outside and inside your business, highlighting new promotions, advertising additional services or even helping your customers navigate around your store.

Each element builds on the others to create a positive overall impression of your brand and keep you top of mind.

Multichannel marketing integration

If you use social media to engage with your customers, then you need to engage them actively in every aspect of your branding. Using business signage that reflects your online branding through the use of familiar fonts, colours and copy helps your customers recognise your brand, even in unfamiliar locations.

In addition, creating a cohesive and coherent storefront and online strategy helps you connect all your points of sale to maximise your brand and achieve success.

Signpost an experience

Professional signage is all about creating great visuals that pop into your customers’ minds whenever they think of your business. And that means creating highly legible and readable signs that point to a great customer experience.

Above all, your signs should offer customers convenience and engagement. Your signage should point towards a business people want to interact with. So consider creating signage that focuses on the experiential aspects of your brand, then deliver on what you promise to make your brand unforgettable.

Build your brand with signage in East and West Sussex

If you’re looking for well-designed business signage that builds your brand, please get in touch with The Sussex Sign Company today.

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