Signage Brings Art And Productivity Into The Workplace

Art wall graphics

Introducing art into your London workplace has a range of benefits. Opting for a splash of colour is proved to affect mood, while artworks from graphic glass manifestation stickers to digital wallpapers can help your workforce think smarter and be more creative. Proving that signage doesn’t have to be purely functional, art-based solutions are a savvy choice.

Stimulate creativity and productivity

Office design isn’t just about ergonomics or functionality. After all, out of the box thinking never happened in a plain white box. An Exeter University study showed that workers in an enhanced environment with art and plants were 15% more productive than their co-workers who were set tasks in a bare-bones environment. Where they had a personal input into their environment, that figure jumped to 32%.

Art in the office is about more than improving the aesthetics of the workplace. A digital wallpaper containing significant areas of red, blue and green can help employees focus on detailed tasks while boosting and stimulating creative performance.

Aesthetics not anaesthetic

A utilitarian office space filled with unmotivated employees sounds like a nightmare. Yet many office spaces are designed to be precisely that. Injecting art into a bland office opens up lines of communication between employees who are keen to discuss the meaning of the new digital wallpaper, and actively reduces stress – in a Forbes’ survey, 78% of employees surveyed responded that artwork in the office helped them to relax.

Because art elicits an emotional response, it can promote social interaction and foster personal connections. That can be important as working in an increasingly digital environment makes employees less social.

Reflect your visions and values

Including art in the office environment speaks volumes about the vision and values of your business. Bare walls can give the impression that you run a no-frills operation, but add some stylish digital wallpaper and you’ll be perceived as being dynamic and savvy.

83% of employees say art is important in an office. We all take notice of our surroundings because the design elements that surround us combine to create an atmosphere and convey the right message. Give your employees input into the choice of images they see every day and you’ll create a sense of alignment between your staff and your business.

Invest in signage as art

If you’ve discounted the use of digital wallpaper or aesthetic glass manifestations for your business on reasons of cost, think again. With the proven ability to improve productivity and creativity, reduce stress and connect employees who can struggle with motivation and isolation, signage as art is a worthwhile investment.

It makes sense to create a work environment that makes your employees happy. Beautifully designed elements like digital wallpaper can create superb aesthetics that your employees will enjoy day in, day out.

Ask the experts

If you’re interested in bringing elements of art and design into your office environment, innovations like digital wallpaper are a savvy way to change things up. At The Sussex Sign Company, we can take your ideas from conceptualisation to the finished product, creating an office aesthetic that leads to productive and creative employees, so contact us now.

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