Signage and rebranding: tips for success

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Signage is key when you’re rebranding your business. Talk to the team at The Sussex Sign Company to maximise your ROI.

If your Sussex business is rebranding this year, you need to take a big-picture approach. A successful rebrand is a transformation that includes all your visual assets – and that includes signage.

It’s easy to focus on digital strategies when you’re refreshing your brand identity. But a successful rebrand also includes everything from print and branded workwear to car wraps and interior and exterior advertising signs. In this article, we’ll focus on key tips for success when renewing your signage.

Planning your rebrand

Effective business signs are a visual reminder of your brand mission. Your design sends a clear message to the public about your vision and direction. Planning unique signage lets your audience know exactly what you represent every time they see your logo, colours and fonts.

A well-made sign can communicate all that and more to your customers. This is why including signs when you plan your strategic rebrand is critical to success.

Identify your core signage

Like most businesses, it’s likely that the number of signs you use has grown over time. As your business grows, you’ve identified areas where your original signage isn’t working or updated your wayfinding as your premises expand.

A rebrand is a great time to identify what’s working and what isn’t to create a cohesive and flexible set of signs. Ultimately, you’re aiming to enhance brand impact. But always bear in mind inclusion and readability for wayfinding and promotional signs.

Non-invasive marketing

TV and pop-up ads are annoying and intrusive. It’s one of the reasons 27% of people online use an ad blocker. But marketing signs give your business an advantage because customers expect to see them in the retail environment. And that makes signage a critical non-intrusive part of your rebrand.

Signs are an effective way to target your customers without annoying them. So you can help your audience accept your new visual identity without being pushy or giving them a negative view of your business.

Raise brand awareness

Rebranding is a way to tell a new story about your business. And the visual flair of your new signs is part of that narrative, impacting the way your customers see your brand.

For example, a sleek monochrome logo and visuals effortlessly create a professional aesthetic where attention to detail counts. By contrast, a family-oriented business might prefer bright colours and friendly language. By keeping colours, fonts and messaging consistent across your new signs, you’ll start to imprint your new branding fast.

Create cost-effective impressions

Some marketing strategies demand an ongoing investment. These include Google Ads and social media as well as print, TV and radio marketing. But what if you could keep creating thousands of impressions every day for a single, one-off spend?

Investing in signs is a way to enjoy ongoing benefits from a single value source. Choose illuminated exterior signs, and your signage is active 24/7, creating incredible exposure at no additional cost.

Rebrand your business with The Sussex Sign Company

A successful rebrand depends on cost-effective high-impact signage. Please contact us today to find out how we can help.

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