Illuminated signage – why change to LEDs?

illuminated signage

There are many benefits to changing to illuminated signage. Did you know that the per-lumen price of LED bulbs has fallen by a factor of fifty since they first came into use in the 1960s? In fact, LEDs are so cost-effective that there really is no excuse not to use them for your illuminated signs. To help you decide, here are the biggest benefits to changing over to LEDs.

Exceptional efficiency

LED bulbs are highly efficient and convert around 80% of the electricity they use into light. That light is generated in one specific direction cutting wastage and driving down your energy bills.

Extended lifespan

LEDs don’t burn out, they fade out, and their lifespan is astonishing. An LED with a life expectation of 100,000 hours can stay continually lit for 11 years. Use that bulb for just eight hours a day and it could last as long as 20 years without replacement.

Eye-catching when used for signs

LED light is instant. It comes on at 100% and produces a clear, brilliant light in a huge range of colour options. Visible in sunlight, and pin-sharp at night, LEDs create the clearest illumination possible to light up your logo and outdoor signs.

There are none of the brightness issues associated with neon and much lower running costs. Thanks to their efficiency and durability, beautiful effects can be created that will last far longer than conventional lighting methods.

The sustainable choice

Whether your business has sustainability targets or not, lowering your environmental impact will be appreciated by customers and staff. A typical 10W LED bulb uses around 80% less energy than a neon sign and can be fully recycled because there are no toxic materials involved in its design.

LED benefits include reducing the carbon footprint of your business by up to a third and supporting technology that preserves resources. Definitely a win-win situation.

Illuminated signage is easy to maintain

Simple and durable, LEDs can be used in virtually any location. There are no glass tubes to break, and they’re simple to clean because they emit very little infrared or UV heat and are, therefore, not a burn hazard.

They’re a breeze to maintain, giving you long-lasting light with a fraction of the costs of other lighting systems.

Flexible options for illuminated signage

Smaller, thinner, brighter and completely controllable, LEDs are the perfect choice when you need to create signs that lifts your marketing to another level. For example, LEDs will dim right down to 10% brightness smoothly and seamlessly.

The colour options are fantastic and instant control make them the obvious choice for professional signage that stands out from the crowd.

Ask the professionals

If you want to harness the power, flexibility and enjoy the benefits of LED lighting then talk to us. At the Sussex Sign Company, we offer end-to-end services to design, create, install and maintain your signage in the south-east and London to the very highest standards, ensuring a maximum return on your investment. Call or email us for more info.

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