Back to Business Signage – Keeping Everyone Safe

Back to Business screens

Are you ready to get back to business with the right signage? Then you’ll need signs that keep your business Covid-safe while announcing to the world that you’re back in action. There’s no better way to achieve those goals than with custom signage designed to safeguard your customers and employees.

 Our new Back to Business range makes it easy to understand the new regulations that have been put in place for their safety and security. Products including decals and stickers for floor and windows, ‘A’ boards, roller banners and more can help you get back up and running again.

Creating a culture

Because of the way the coronavirus spreads, good hygiene has become essential. Creating a culture of good hygiene in the workplace can be as simple as a window or floor sticker, or roller banners, reminding employees and customers to hand sanitise or to enforce 2m social distancing.

Roller banner sneeze screens are a simple and cost-effective way to protect workers in offices or in close proximity to customers while protective countertop screens offer a more robust solution.

Keep the message consistent

With any safety signage, keeping the message clear and consistent is critical to its success. Our coronavirus Back to Business signs are bright, clear and striking, and available in a range of colours to integrate with your existing signs. Signs can even be bespoke to match your existing branding precisely.

It’s also important to keep the focus on the message, so now is the time to review your overall signage package and retire any signs that don’t serve your goal of safeguarding your business.

Roller banners and ‘A’ boards are excellent options as they’re portable, lightweight and can be deployed exactly where needed to nudge staff and customer behaviour. Banners can be printed with any custom imagery and message, although keeping it simple will help to avoid message blindness and help your coronavirus signage have maximum impact.

Making your office Covid-safe

 Your office hasn’t changed. It should still be clean, bright and comfortable. The ideal place to be creative and productive. Collaboration and connection are still paramount, which is why transparent desk screening should be at the top of your list when creating a Covid-safe office.

 Making a series of small changes can keep your staff Covid-aware and minimise the risk of infection. HVAC filters that prevent bacteria circulating, no-touch bathroom fixtures and antimicrobial paint are some of the measures offices can deploy, but signage is a short-term fix that can reinforce approved behaviours.

 So hot-desking and sharing pens and keyboards might be out, but simple measures like sanitisation stations, screening and one-way traffic flows are easy to implement with high-quality signage.

Grab your customers attention

You can let your customers know you’re keeping them safe before they even get through the door. An ‘A’ board outside your premises can announce your opening hours or the services you’re currently offering. It can remind customers to stay 2m apart or ask them not to enter if they show signs of coronavirus.

Using professional and cost-effective signs not only presents a great first impression but it saves you and your staff time. Walk the floor of your premises and pay particular attention to areas where it’s narrow or can become crowded. Use clear and effective signs to direct customers through a one-way system that mitigates any issues with social distancing.

 Floor markings can also help to control traffic flow and ensure that customers aren’t put at risk by maintaining social distancing. However, be careful to keep your signage consistent in design and wording so it gives a clear message.

Screening at tills and counters is another way to protect both staff and customers.

Back to business safely

The pandemic is showing no signs of going away anytime soon. Returning to the workplace safely is more important than ever and signs have a big part to play in encouraging the right behaviours.

While we supply ready to go signage to send basic messages on hygiene and social distancing, you should also consider the way you can use signage to nudge your customers and employees into adopting safe behaviours.

For example, consider the use of in-group messaging to persuade customers to wear masks. By showing images on signs of employees and customers happily wearing them you’ll create a connection and establish norms. Likewise with traffic flow. You can use promotional and point of sale signs and displays to create invisible barriers and nudge customers into changing their path through your store.

One thing to bear in mind is that customers are showing greater loyalty than ever to businesses that prioritise their safety, so get creative in the ways that you keep your customers safe with customised signs.

The right sign for the job

Our signs will help you get the right message across to your customers and employees with reminders and prevention messages that can help smooth the way into the ‘new normal’.

Signs come in a wide variety of materials and some signage methods require no tools or effort to deploy. We can even provide poster pocket boards with magnetic seals for your own information, a smart investment in our fast-changing environment.

 From pavement signs to get your newly reopened business noticed to roller banners that are easy to pop up and display important safety messages, we can create signs for your business that send out a clear and consistent message that you’re open for business.

The Sussex Sign Company is here to help

 At The Sussex Sign Company, we have over two decades of experience in the signs and graphics industry creating signs for a wide range of clients. Our custom made and designed coronavirus signage is tailor-made to integrate with your business branding to send out that Back to Business message loud and clear. If you want to get back to work while keeping your customers and employees safe, get in touch with us today.

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