Retail signage: do I need planning permission

Retail signage

Do you need planning permission to erect retail signs?

Retail signage gets you noticed. But do you need planning permission for outdoor signs? Read on to find out more.

Retail signage is a great way to get your high street business noticed. And if you’re opening a new store, hanging your sign says you’ve arrived. But do you need planning permission for outdoor signs in East and West Sussex? Before you get in touch with The Sussex Sign Company to order your eye-catching signage, read on to find out about permissions.

Why you need retail signage

A well-designed sign tells your customers everything they need to know about your business. From products to branding, outdoor signage lets your customers know what to expect when they walk through the doors.

We can help you create a fresh and attractive sign that differentiates your store. And with our end to end service, you’ll enjoy professional installation so your sign always looks its best and has maximum impact.

Do I need planning permission for my retail sign?

When you’re opening a new store, there’s plenty to think about, from stock management to interior design. But if you’re intending to hang an outdoor shop sign, then you will need planning permission.

This process is usually known as advertisement consent and applies to any exterior signs larger than 0.3m sq, which is slightly larger than a sheet of A4 paper! Planning permission is critical for larger signs because of the safety issues involved. 

If you’re planning an illuminated sign there’s no minimum size. That’s because this type of signage can be a potential hazard to passing traffic.

How do I get planning permission?

You’ll need to contact your local planning authority before you give us the go-ahead to manufacture and install your new signage.

There are some basic guidelines you’ll need to remember:

– Retail signage must be safe and tidy.

– Your sign must be clear and look professional.

– You must have the approval of the site owner to put up an outdoor sign.

– Your sign must not hinder public signage in any way. For example, your sign shouldn’t make it difficult to read wayfinding signage including street names.

– You should be able to remove the sign safely and easily if required.

If you want to make the process as painless as possible, stick to a size that makes an impact but isn’t invasive. Our professional designers have plenty of experience creating signs that meet planning permission requirements.

By and large, your local authority will be there to support your business and help you contribute to the local economy. So you can expect them to be reasonable when you’re looking to get your planning permission approved.

What if I hang my sign without planning permission?

If you go ahead without planning permission, you’ll be asked to take it down and you could face a heavy fine. If you go through the planning permission process, you can hang your signs with the peace of mind that you won’t be incurring unnecessary costs.

To find out more about professional signage for your East or West Sussex business, please get in touch with The Sussex Sign Company today and we’ll be happy to help.

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