Sign maintenance: invest in a polished and professional look


Business signs are one of the most important investments you can make in your Business but without regular sign maintenance, you’re not maximising your ROI.

Regular maintenance means your sign will last longer and show fewer signs of wear and tear. Weather damage, dirt and moisture can all break down even high-quality signs if left unattended over time. Bulbs that don’t work or are dirty, broken sign reflects badly on your business and your customers are likely to go elsewhere. Here’s why well-maintained signs are best for your brand.

Brand visibility

A good-looking business sign has a big impact and it’s one of the most important parts of your branding. Polished and professional signage catches the eye and keeps your business top of mind.

Regular maintenance means your signs can always be clearly seen and the more striking your signage is, the more memorable it is – and the more trusted your business becomes.

The bottom line is that your signage always needs to look its best. If your signage fails then your branding fails too.

Maximise your ROI

Investing in new business signage isn’t cheap. So why compromise the effectiveness of your new signs with poor maintenance? Regular cleaning ensures your signs remain visible because there’s nothing more frustrating for your customers than being unable to find your contact details.

Another benefit of scheduling maintenance is that you can keep your signs fresh and up-to-date. While your signs are being cleaned and repaired they can be updated with new contact information or opening hours.

Your signs are a significant investment so make sure you work with a sign company that offers sign maintenance as part of the package.

Safety matters

Regular sign maintenance gives your business peace of mind. You know your signs are in good working order and don’t represent a danger to your customers, and we can ensure that every aspect of your signs from electrics to the way they’re mounted is in sound repair.

If you opt for illuminated signs, they can become a hazard if they’re not well maintained. Having your business signage regularly checked can be cost-effective as an expert can catch a potential fault early so you avoid bigger issues further down the line.

The real costs of sign maintenance

No signage will look brand new forever. From dirt and grime to electrical faults, there will be times that your sign doesn’t look its best. Developing a maintenance plan keeps your signs looking professional and we all know that first impressions matter to customers.

It’s even more vital to schedule regular sign maintenance for your illuminated signs. Even LEDs will show signs of wear over time and require regular checks. Failure to keep your signs up to scratch could cost you dear when your customers go elsewhere.

End-to-end sign services at The Sussex Sign Company

We offer a complete signs service from design and manufacture to maintenance to help you get the best out of your signs. Contact us today to find out more.

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