How To Increase Your Brand Recognition With Vehicle Signage

Brand recognition is one of the holy grails of marketing. Like the Golden Arches or the Apple logo, imagine your potential customers being able to recognise your business by your branding alone. What may surprise you is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on online and offline advertising to achieve your goal. Investing in a vinyl wrap for your company car or van is a smart and cost-effective way to get your branding out there.

New technology, old idea

Imagine you’re driving your company car during an average week. You might have a regular delivery day, and you may need to visit the wholesaler and the bank once a week. Popping out on personal errands during lunch hours and playing parent taxi for the kids all clocks up the number of hours you spend on the road. Whenever you’re on the road, a branded vehicle with an eye-catching car wrap is creating impressions – hundreds, even thousands of them.

The silent salesman

That’s why companies have always branded their vehicles – because these moving billboards are like a silent salesman, doing your marketing work for you. From the horse and cart to the electric car, vehicles advertising goods and services have been around for many years. Why? Because they tirelessly promote your brand in a non-aggressive way.

A cohesive brand image

Make sure that all touch points between you and your customers are consistently branded and you’ll elevate your brand image as a whole. A vinyl wrap is the ideal way to put car signage at the centre of your marketing strategy, and to boost the visibility of your brand by using your number one visual asset – your logo – as a mobile billboard.

Building trust

Customers prefer to buy from a brand they trust, and by being visible in your community, you’ll boost brand recognition. Your strong and visible car wrap graphics will give the impression that you’re a serious player in your field, conferring a sense of professionalism and authority. Your vehicle branding, by being a constant presence on the street, will establish a compelling awareness of your brand. Since keeping existing customers is more cost-effective than attracting new ones, your heightened brand awareness creates a sense of loyalty and security, prompting repeat customer behaviour.

Is it right for you?

Using your vehicle to raise brand awareness is an obvious fit with B2C companies. But it can also be worthwhile for B2B companies who want to leverage brand awareness at a very local level. After all, 91% of people who’ve seen a branded vehicle can recall its branding several days later. If you weigh the importance of your public image at 50% or more, then vehicle branding could be the right fit for your company. If a branded approach meets your marketing goals, then vehicle signage is an effective way to quickly and effectively grab the interest of passing customers.

Ask the experts

If you want to maximise your brand awareness by using vinyl wraps for your vehicle fleet, then talk to us via phone or email. At the Sussex Sign Company, we’ll take you from design to installation, to optimise your ROI and create car wraps with a real wow factor.