A Beginners Guide To Vinyl Car Wraps

For any business owner looking to maximise their return on investment with a marketing strategy that is high impact, cost-effective and that effortlessly builds brand awareness, there’s no better choice than vehicle vinyl wraps.

However, the initial costs of wrapping your vehicles might be beyond the reach of some small businesses – which is where partial wrapping comes in. Delivering some of the marketing punch of a full wrap, but on a budget, a partial wrap can still harness the power of mobile advertising.

Full wraps for maximum impact

If you want to create maximum impact, then a full vehicle wrap is the obvious choice. Every part of your vehicle will be encased, except for legally exempt areas like windows and wing mirrors, to create the ultimate marketing wow. By maximising every inch of space, you can really get your message across, with full graphics and business branding.

But beware, just because you have the luxury of space doesn’t mean you have to cover every inch of the vehicle with design elements. Simple is always more powerful when it comes to vinyl wrap design.

Partial wraps: the cost-effective choice

While a partial vinyl wrap won’t protect your car in the same way as a full wrap, and you won’t have the flexibility of being able to change the entire colour with a new skin, a partial wrap that covers the bonnet, doors and boot can still look surprisingly effective.

Choose the same high quality material and resolution as the full wrap, and pay attention to detail and you’ll create a real attention-grabber. You’ll also have the advantage of a quicker turnaround from design to installation, particularly useful if you want to get your branding or a marketing campaign out there fast.

Decals for responsive marketing

Want to quickly update your vehicle sign wraps? Then decals could be the answer. These individual details can be added for seasonal campaigns – for example, Christmas or summer discounts – or if you need to change your contact details without redoing the entire wrap.

Pay attention to details

The vinyl you use for your car wraps is hugely important to the finished look and feel. Cast vinyl is a high quality material that’s easy to work with and will stay looking good for several years, unlike lower quality calendared vinyl. However, if you need a short term campaign, or you’re wrapping a boxy vehicle like a van, calendared vinyl can be the cost-effective choice. You’ll need to use printable vinyl that uses UV-resistant, weatherproof inks for the best effect.

Work with the experts

To get the very best out of your vinyl sign wraps, you need to work with the experts. At The Sussex Sign Company, we offer a complete service from design to installation, delivering the best possible return on investment. Installation is key to achieving the best results with a vinyl car wrap and we have one of the best teams in the country. Whether you choose a partial wrap or a full wrap, we ensure your vehicle wrap maximises your brand visibility. Contact us via phone or email for more information.