Signage to stand out: Handcrafted letters and LEDs

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Signage that gets noticed needn’t be digital. Handcrafted letters and LEDs build brand awareness with style, so contact The Sussex Sign Company today.

Standing out on a busy Sussex high street can be tough. And it’s easy to assume that the best solution is to go digital. But there is a different way that brings style and sophistication to your branding and gets you noticed. We’re talking about built up handcrafted signage, illuminated with LEDs.

One of the biggest decisions you need to make for your business is how to present your brand to potential customers. Built up Illuminated letters have numerous benefits for your business. There’s no surprise that some of the biggest brands in the world including Apple and Starbucks use illuminated hand built letters to create a buzz about their stores.

What are built-up letters?

Built up letters have a 3D appearance and can be illuminated with energy-efficient LEDs in a number of ways to create polished and professional results. Whether you use front-lit or halo-lit letters, or decide on a custom design to catch the eye, built up letters create a fantastic first impression.

Why handcrafted letters are right for your brand

Handcrafted letters are a cost-effective way to get your business noticed, and you can match your aesthetics to your budget. Here are just some of the reasons for choosing this style of signage:

Be visible

For a truly unique look, nothing equals signage. Of course you don’t need to illuminate them to create an eye-catching effect, but adding LEDs really grabs the attention and ensures your business is visible day and night. If you want to be found on the high street, create a landmark with hand-built 3D letters.

Boost your brand

Whether you’re redoing your business signage or you’re back in business after lockdown, opting for illuminated  letters is a great way to boost brand visibility and recognition. And because this type of sign is fully customisable in terms of font, size, colour and light effects, you can think of it as an ongoing marketing campaign. There truly are no limits when it comes to achieving brand recognition with 3D handcrafted letters.

Efficient and affordable

We’re all aware of the need for sustainability these days, which makes LED signage an obvious choice. This type of illumination combines energy efficiency with longevity to create maximum impact at a minimum cost. And while the initial setup for your letters and lighting may cost a little more than other types of signage, the increase in brand recognition and that exceptional first impression are priceless giving channel letters a great ROI.


Built up letters are handcrafted from materials designed to stand up to even the harshest weather conditions. You’ll have peace of mind that wind, rain, sun and snow won’t diminish the impact of your beautiful signs. And even if there’s wear and tear, you only need to replace the damaged letter, not the sign.

Illuminated handcrafted signage

Illuminated signage really is one of the most effective ways to stand out on the high street. If you’re ready for versatile, customisable and cost-effective business signage get in touch with The Sussex Sign Company and we’ll be happy to help.

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