Signage: the hidden costs to watch out for

Signage the hidden cost

The cost of new signage for your West Sussex business depends on several factors. The size and number of signs you require, the materials you choose and the final installation can all impact the cost.

But there are also hidden costs that can push up your total spend and have a negative impact on your ROI. These are the hidden extras to look out for and how to avoid them.

The consultation process

You know your business needs signs but you don’t know how many or where they should be located. That’s why you made the decision to work with a specialist end-to-end company who can take your signs from design to installation.

At The Sussex Sign Company we offer free consultations at every step of the process. From the initial query and discussion of your project to meetings with the designer and the production department to finalise installation and maintenance, our expertise is at your disposal free of charge. That means the quote you’re given is the price you’ll pay, with no nasty surprises.

Artwork and visuals

You have great ideas for your new business signs, but you don’t have the expertise to execute them.

An experienced graphic artist can make short work of the initial design and ensure that your vision is recreated with the colours, fonts and other visuals you require. Branding is a visual medium and the more professional your graphics, the more impact your signs will have.

But beware, as that expertise can come at a cost. Artwork and visuals, plus amendments throughout the process, can all push up the price of your signs. And you may be expected to pay extra for material colour samples as you make critical decisions on the finished look of your signs. At The Sussex Sign Company, it’s all included in our quote.

Installation cost

Correct installation is just as important as the design and manufacture of your sign. Get it wrong and you’ve blown your investment on signs that can’t be seen properly or are easily damaged by sun, wind and rain.

Some sign companies will charge you for a pre-fabrication site survey which is essential when choosing the right materials. They’ll even charge you for travel to and from the site, including parking charges and tolls.

At The Sussex Sign Company, it’s all included in your final quote. And we’ll also include a 36 month guarantee on parts and service, so you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your entire set of signs is fully covered should anything go wrong.

Signage with no hidden surprises

Some sign organisations use the sign-making process as opportunities to ‘add’ additional charges to the total cost of your project. If you want to avoid those sneaky costs that push up your final invoice, contact The Sussex Sign Company. Everything from artwork and material samples to consultations and site surveys is included in your quote so what you see is what you pay. For signage with no hidden surprises, get in touch with us today.

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