Signage for Sponsors: Connection and Communication

Signage for sponsors

Event sponsorship, in London and across the country, connects your business to the community while communicating a positive brand message. Signage for sponsors is a savvy way to raise awareness of your brand, drive traffic towards your business and ultimately create more sales opportunities. Innovative signage puts your sponsorship front and centre for maximum impact.

By sponsoring an event, a business not only raises awareness but helps to bring an event into being, whether that’s a sporting competition or a trade show. In return, sponsors expect their branding to have an impact by being displayed where it creates most impressions, whether that’s over a podium or above the main event staging.

If you’re the organiser of a sponsored event, you need to think about the way your signs can create connection and communication while delivering awareness for your sponsors. Maximise their return on investment by creating a range of signs that keeps the sponsor’s name top of mind at every stage of the event.

Dynamic messaging

Sponsor messaging doesn’t have to be confined to the event itself. A promotional vehicle wrap including the sponsor’s branding, floor graphics or advertising at bus stops or on station platforms can all carry your sponsor’s message far and wide, connecting the journey directly to the event itself.

Creating dynamic messaging opportunities will bring your sponsor’s branding to life and can be communicated to a captive audience through wall, floor and table stickers. Think about the places where those attending the event will gather, from coffee bars to lifts, and create a suite of signs to exploit these ideal placements.

Improve aesthetics

Attention to detail can make all the difference between an also-ran and an Instagrammable event that creates a real buzz. Most stadiums and conference halls are unattractive spaces that can be improved by the addition of display stands and banners. Make sure that your sponsor’s branding features prominently on eye-catching signs that turns breezeblock walls into ideal canvases for attractive messaging.

Walkthrough your venue with an eye to framing sponsorship messages in clear and creative ways. Try wrapping a concrete pillar, framing up a poster as art or using digital wallpaper to display sponsorship branding in evocative and unusual juxtapositions that capture the attention of event attendees and create priceless impressions for your sponsors.

Get social

Maximising the reach of sponsorship branding should always include social media channels. One easy win is to use your event backdrops as customised photo backdrops with prominent sponsorship logos. This improves brand visibility for those attending the event and the media and raises the awareness of your sponsor’s brand.

Take it a step further with a branded handheld photo frame or even a selfie booth that puts your sponsor’s logo and corporate colours front and centre of every photo opportunity.

Custom signage for sponsors

By using innovative placement and design, you’ll create a sponsorship package that achieves maximum exposure for your sponsors, generating a real buzz and optimising your event revenues.

At The Sussex Sign Company, we have the expertise to deliver the maximum exposure for your event and your sponsors, maximising the return on your investment while making the most of your budget. Contact us today to find out how we can help you create signage that delivers.

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