Five great reasons to use LED illuminated signs

Brighton LED illuminated sign

Signage gets double the impact with LED illuminated signs. At The Sussex Sign Company we can advise on all types of LED signs for your shops, salons and businesses producing less energy and higher visibility for your branding.

If you want to dramatically enhance business performance, you need illuminated signage. The good news is that lighting up your signs can benefit any business, with unparalleled brand visibility day and night. Still not convinced? Here are five great reasons you should use LEDs for your Brighton and Hove business.

Brightness and brilliance from LED illuminated signs

If you’re looking to create superb new branding possibilities, LEDs offer exceptional brightness to get your signs noticed. Their clear, brilliant light is highly visible and easy to read up close and at a distance. Even better, you can differentiate your business with LED illuminated signs at night and when the sun is shining.

Available in a range of colours, they create a superb impression that focuses attention on your logo and branding.

Sustainable and eco-friendly LED illuminated signs

Every business is aware of its environmental impact, so if you’re looking to light up your signs low-energy LEDs are a perfect choice. Consuming around 80% less energy than neon, LEDs have significantly lower running costs and contribute towards your sustainability targets. 

As a bonus, you’ll only need half the number of LEDs to create greater brightness than the alternatives. And because they contain no toxic gases, they can be cleanly recycled at the end of their lifespan.

Long-life signs

The business of having illuminated signs built and installed can be time-consuming. And replacing them can be costly. Investing in long-life LEDs that can last up to 100,000 hours makes your signs highly cost-effective. Imagine a sign that outlasts fluorescent and neon by three and six years respectively, and continues to perform at peak brightness throughout its life – that’s another benefit of choosing LED illuminated signs for interiors and exteriors.

Superb signage versatility

LEDs are thin, light and available in a dazzling variety of colours. It’s the kind of versatility that neon and fluorescents can’t match. Your signs can be as slim as one inch thick and are much easier to install and reposition if necessary. And with features like fading and flashing, your sign can produce animated effects that are sure to get you noticed on the high street.

It’s this combination of flexibility and show-stopping effects that makes LEDs such a great fit when you want to enhance your brand recognition.

Low maintenance

Given all the advantages of LEDs for illuminated signs, it’s easy to see why they’re low maintenance, too. There are no glass tubes to leak or break. They’re easy to clean and not fragile like glass bulbs. And they never get warm to the touch or overheat and burn out.

Unlike fluorescents they don’t need additional protection when used outside. Depending on the installation site you can opt for waterproof LED systems that look after themselves. The ruggedness, durability and simplicity of LED bulbs makes them a headache free choice.

Light up your brand with The Sussex Sign Company

If you’re looking to add extra pizzazz to your signs, we can help. At The Sussex Sign Company we can design, manufacture and install your high-quality LED illuminated signage so get in touch today.

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