The Power Of Colour And Vehicle Livery

Did you know the colour of your vehicle livery can actually influence behaviour? If you want to create the biggest impact with car graphics, then you need to pay attention to the colours you use.

Evoke a response

Colour is capable of evoking an emotional response across a wide range of people, although the perception of certain colours may be different for different cultures. Past experiences can also put a different spin on how an individual reacts to a certain colour. However, there are still some generalities that can be drawn regarding people’s emotional and behavioural responses to certain colours.

Red is disruptive

You may hanker after a cherry-red Ferrari, but using a strong red for your vinyl wraps can actually work against you. Red invokes forceful reactions but that energy boost is short-lived. If your business logo or branding uses a lot of red, then, by all means, reflect it in your vinyl wrap, but bear in mind that the sense of urgency that red creates is better suited to time-limited promotions than to 8 years on the road.

Keep it natural

Blue and green have positive associations with the natural world and are linked to creativity, tranquillity and reliability. Our preference for blues and greens is drawn from the world around us and is linked to ancestral memories of blue water and green vegetables. If you want to create a long-lasting campaign for products and services that your customers will find trustworthy, reliable and, yes, eco-friendly, then greens and blues are the savvy choices.

Looking for positives? Avoid yellow and orange Sunny colours may seem optimistic, but in marketing, they have less positive connotations. Yellow is generally disliked – although people who like it really like it – and makes babies cry, while orange is often associated with good value from low-cost providers. If you’re aiming to position your products and services at the high end of the market, orange may be best avoided. Like red, these warmer colours can work if you use them to create a sense of urgency in a time-limited campaign.

Think pink

Millennial pink has become one of the ‘new neutrals’ moving it firmly into the mainstream. Pink is perceived as calming – sports teams often paint the opponent’s dressing room a vibrant shade of this colour – running counter to the emotional associations with a bright red. Another colour that may relax and inspire your customers when used in a long term campaign.

Monochrome = boring vehicle livery

White and black may have a perennial appeal and are associated with purity and power respectively. Apple has made white a coveted contemporary look, but unless you use a colour changing or textured vinyl, monochromes are perceived as boring. And once your customers’ attention begins to wander, you’ve lost their attention and a prospective sale.

Change it up with the power of colour

One of the great benefits of using colourful vehicle livery in East Sussex is the option to change it for time-limited campaigns or when you change your branding. Whatever the colour you choose, The Sussex Sign Company can help you maximise the impact of your vinyl wrap, so contact us today via phone or email for more details.