Why Your Business Needs High Impact Outdoor Signage

Outdoor advertising has been around since the Egyptians and it continues to make a big impact. Whether you think of banners or billboards, outdoor advertising is a non-invasive way to get your marketing message across.

High impact signage

Think about outdoor signs and you think big and bold. This is advertising that doesn’t have to compete, because it usually stands alone and makes a bold, high impact statement. This form of marketing has the stats to back it up – over a quarter of consumers exposed to outdoor advertising have visited a website as a result, while outdoor ads can trigger a 38% uptick in brand engagement.

So why is marketing through posters, banners and outdoor signs so successful? Because this form of advertising is always on. Passive advertising occupies the outdoor space and doesn’t require any action from your audience. It doesn’t hector or interrupt and can’t be ad blocked like online advertising. Always there, always creating impressions, outdoor signage delivers a significant return on investment.

The path to purchase

Bus shelter adverts have been estimated to reach 92% of the population over the course of a week – there are over 6 million daily bus commuters in London alone. Now consider that 70% of purchasing decisions are made outside retail parks and shopping malls, before the customer has walked through the doors. Creating outdoor advertising that’s an effective station on the path to purchase is a savvy decision.

Reaching a large and diverse audience is something that outdoor signage does extremely effectively. Leverage outdoor advertising with an emotional hook that draws viewers in – 56% of consumers respond positively to humorous adverts and will share them with their friends. Using humour portrays your brand in a positive light and creates the type of awareness that other marketing channels can only dream of.

Reach a wider audience

The larger than life nature of outdoor advertising means that a well designed banner will catch the attention of potential customers. But smaller signs can be equally effective in attracting interest in a non-intrusive way – a quiet antidote to the visual saturation of digital advertising. This very public form of advertising can also reach an audience that you might not usually expect to attract, including young adults and professionals.

There’s another advantage to using outdoor signs. They can communicate your brand simply and effectively, without having to share space with other brands in the digital and TV advertising space. In fact, outdoor signage delivers the kind of cost-effective marketing that other channels can only imagine, producing a more effective return on investment. Put simply, the bigger your investment, the greater the return.

Call to action

Get the messaging and the design right and your outdoor signs will compel your audience to respond to your call to action. However, for all its advantages, outdoor advertising works best when it forms part of a mixed marketing campaign that crosses online and offline channels to deliver a consistent message about your brand.

At The Sussex Sign Company, we offer a fully integrated service to businesses across London to help you maximise the return on investment from all your signs. From design to installation, your outdoor signs will boost brand awareness for maximum impact, so get in touch now.

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