What Is Vehicle Wrapping And Is It Right For Your London Business?

If your business is looking for a way to reach out to new customers, then a vehicle wrap is a smart investment. A high quality car wrap delivers a customised look and feel that reflects the USP of your business, whether you’re an emergency plumber or a food truck. Couple that with the lowest cost marketing impressions around, at just 4p per 1,000, and you have the perfect way to boost brand recognition for your business.

What is vehicle wrapping?

A vinyl wrap is a way of encasing your vehicle in a second skin that can be printed with your marketing message. Large sheets are used to fully wrap your car or van, but be careful – you get what you pay for, so make sure your wrap is installed by a professional.

Effective advertising 24/7

A car wrap never stops advertising your business. Whether you’re out on the open road or parked up outside the office, your wrap creates as many as 40,000 impressions in a week. Using the same principles as a billboard, your eye-catching graphics will capture the interest of your audience without hectoring them – a silent persuader that can stay top of mind for weeks or months.

Vinyl wraps are a quick to do, affordable and highly effective way to get your marketing message and branding right to the heart of your target market. In turn, the more attention your branding receives, the more it raises the profile of your business.

The right wrap

There are several ways you can use a high impact wrap to showcase your branding and market your business. If you’re prepared to invest in a premium full cast vinyl wrap, then you can expect up to 8 years of impressions. And by wrapping your vehicle from bonnet to boot, you’ll maximise the area for your design. Another advantage of full body vehicle wrapping is the protection it offers against everyday wear and tear – that can be a big advantage for a leased vehicle when it comes time to trade in.

If you’re working with a limited budget, then a partial wrap is the smart choice. Focusing your branding on the doors, bonnet, roof or rear of the vehicle keeps costs down, yet still makes a big impact. Choose lower quality calendered vinyl to reduce costs or if you’re running a time limited marketing campaign. For some businesses who just want to get contact details and a USP across, then vinyl decals are the most cost-effective way to get a simple message across.

DIY or professional installation?

If you’re serious about maximising the return on your investment, then this is one job you need to let the professionals handle. Find a company that integrates the entire vehicle wrapping process from design to installation – that way you’ll get the best possible result. After all, the best idea on paper will lose all impact if any stage of the vinyl wrap process is a misstep.

A professional company will help you get your wrapping right for maximum impact and a boost to your brand recognition. At The Sussex Sign Company, we offer an end to end service that creates the optimum return on investment, so get in touch today.

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