How much does an illuminated sign cost?

We look at the types and costs of illuminated signs for business premises, with sign manufacturing specialists The Sussex Sign Company.

Illuminating your shop sign can create additional impact for your business, whether you trade at night or not – not forgetting that it goes dark in the UK before 4pm during winter, so that’s effectively every high-street business!

If your business is located in an area of high traffic flow then illuminated signage can help your shop stand out, generating valuable awareness with passers-by. Nothing adds more impact to smart signage than the careful use of internal or external lighting.

Many town centres have restrictions on the kinds of signage allowed on premises, so always check with your local planning department before specifying and ordering signage.

A useful document to start with is the Government-produced “Outdoor advertisements and signs: a guide for advertisers”, but local planning rules will nearly always impose restrictions specific to individual towns, or even individual streets and buildings. Illumination is one feature which is occasionally ruled out by planners.

Externally illuminated signs

External illumination is usually cheaper than internal illumination and does have the advantage of giving more options in terms of shapes and materials when creating the sign itself.

LED floodlights– these can be used when attaching lights to the sign itself is not an option or not desirable; ground-mounted signs, for example, which can be lit from below. Floodlights cost around £130 + VAT and can come in a range of colours.
Overhead troughlight illumination- provides a continuous ‘wash’ of light over a sign with the added benefit of providing ambient lighting to the front of your premises. Also enhances the 3D effect of any raised lettering in the signage. Cost is around £60 + vat per linear metre.
Overhead spotlights– these offer an elegant design which may be more suitable for some businesses or locations. Multiple lights will be required to illuminate the sign at a cost of around £90 + vat each.

Internally illuminated signs

Internally illuminated signs are essentially light-boxes with the lighting (fluorescent tubing or, more commonly these days, LED modules) contained within the structure and the business’s graphics applied to the front and sides, providing “through panel illumination”.

Internally illuminated signs vary greatly in size and need to be quoted on an individual basis, however as a guide price:

6m shopfront fascia sign – around £2000 plus vat (including installation)
900mm x 600mm projecting sign – around £400 plus vat

When built-up opaque letters or logos are combined with internal LED illumination, a variety of “halo” illumination effects can be produced to add clarity and visual impact to the sign. Halo illuminated signs also help to pick out the detail of the wall surface behind the sign to create attractive light and shadow effects.

Image of – Halo Illuminated LED Letters – Sussex SignsImage of – Internally illuminated aluminium sign tray with acrylic push through letters and internally illuminated Projection sign – Sussex Signsimage of – Halo Illuminated letters on an internal bulk head with built up stainless steel letters – Sussex Signs

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