How Built Up Letters Can Make You Stand Out

There’s a good reason that built up letters are so popular for everything from shop signage to commercial business signs. These 3D letters are designed to really pop, giving your brand instant and powerful visual appeal. Striking and distinctive, they’re also totally bespoke and the processes involved in their manufacture are the most complex in the industry. When you’re looking for a sign company in Littlehampton who can give your premises the wow factor, checking whether they can produce high quality built up letter signs is critical.

3D letters: get the effect

Obviously, the kind of standing 3D letters you see outside commercial organisations have the most wow factor, but you can achieve a similar effect on a budget if you explore some different options – a good sign making company will be able to advise you on the smart choice for your shop signage.

Flat cut aluminium and acrylic letters can both be attached to a backing board to create a very subtle and cost effective 3D effect. Both are lightweight materials that can be effectively painted to match your branding colours. Acrylic can also be pigmented, so it doesn’t peel or rust.

Foamex letters are another affordable alternative that can be wall mounted or raised on a stand-off of your choice. Foamex comes in a range of widths, so you can play with perspective. Coated with an acrylic or dibond, you can create a robust and premium feel for your retail signage. They have a high strength to weight ratio and can stand up to all but the harshest weather conditions.

Polystyrene letters can also be a savvy choice when you need something temporary that makes a strong and dramatic impact. These types of letters are gaining a lot of currency at events where the ability to create a great social media photo opportunity is factored into your marketing strategy.

New and innovative products are emerging in the market all the time. Your sign making company will be up to speed with new technologies and materials as they emerge, in order to give you the widest range of options available.

The premium choice: channel letters

True built up letters are known as channel letters and are created using a channel letter bender machine. However, once the machine has finished its job, that’s just the start of the process. This is when the finishing touches are added to your letters, making the difference between full on impact or disappointing damp squib.

It’s at this point that your letters can be wrapped in various films, given a distressed look, or fitted with different types of LED lighting. Stainless steel lettering, either used alone or in combination with other materials like perspex, gives a really strong architectural look, while powder coated aluminium can replicate any RAL corporate colours for letters that are robust, weather resistant and lightweight, for use just about anywhere.

Standout signage: current trends

While polished metal letters continue to be hugely popular for creating that premium association between your shop signage and your brand, distressed letters and those with an aged patina are becoming incredibly popular, particularly across the hospitality and leisure sectors. Effects like verdigris can add real star quality to your standout letters. In the heritage sector, letters crafted from bronze and copper add a weighty, traditional feel.

Illuminated letters continue to increase in popularity, either front, open or halo lit. The uptake is being driven by low cost LED lights that last for years with low maintenance. They are infinitely customisable in terms of colour, brightness and warmth.

Light up your signs: the Halo effect

There’s a reason why halo illuminated letters are becoming more and more popular. A halo illuminated sign is distinctive, stylish and really comes alive at night to give a stunning iridescent effect to your shop signage. A halo LED sign is the perfect way to differentiate your business from the competition.

Halo or reverse lighting doesn’t illuminate the face of the letters. Instead, the lighting is directed onto the wall behind the letters and then reflects back, giving the distinctive halo effect. If you’ve invested in 3D built up letters, then this is the most effective way to light them and create a real sense of depth for a sense of drama. Halo illuminated letters can also be seen from a greater distance, boosting the impact and the legibility of your 3D sign.

Best of all, by using low energy LED lighting, you can create a wide range of effects, highlighting different parts of the sign with different colours, while driving down your energy bills.

Get the effect for your business

There’s no doubt that built up letters and illuminated signs can really take your signage to the next level. When you’re looking for a sign company in Littlehampton to take your designs from conception to installation, you’ll need to think not just about reach and impressions, but the return on investment from your 3D signs.

At the Sussex Sign Company, we’re experienced in helping our clients get the best value for their investment, whether that’s in vinyl car wraps or built up letter 3D signage. If you want to see how a combination of clever signage design and LED lighting can give your signage and displays the ultimate wow factor, contact us via phone or email today and our friendly and knowledgeable team will be happy to help.