Create Great Vinyl Car Wraps And Watch Your Impressions Soar

Great advertising is all about creating that first impression that lasts. So it may or may not surprise you that, according to research in the US, bright and attractive vinyl car and van wraps created an astonishing 1.26 million impressions in a year.

So what’s so great about vinyl wrap advertising? Obviously, mobile advertising has a much greater reach than static advertising and a well-wrapped vehicle with an eye-catching design will attract attention wherever it goes.

Perhaps more importantly, this type of advertising isn’t in your face and that can be crucial in creating the right impression. There’s nothing aggressive or hectoring about a vinyl wrap and customers generally respond well to advertising that isn’t so direct.

So you’ve decided to invest in wrapping one or more vehicles in your fleet, to exploit the power of this clever, high impact form of marketing. How do you create a vinyl wrap that promotes your products or services in the best possible way? The easiest course of action is to find a sign company in Crowborough with a crack design team that can work with you to create that killer vinyl wrap.

Don’t waste the opportunity

Vinyl wrap advertising can create powerful and long lasting impressions, with strong branding and a clear message. But so often, businesses waste the opportunity by creating designs and messages that just don’t work. That’s why you need an experienced designer who knows the ins and outs of car wrap design and how to exploit the medium as effectively as possible.

Start with the brand

Before you even begin to think about using a vinyl wrap to market your business, stop and think about the effectiveness of your brand. If you have a poor brand identity or an unmemorable logo, then you’re simply wasting your money on a vinyl car wrap and you’ll miss out on those marketing opportunities.

With car wrap design, the brand is the message. If your brand doesn’t measure up, then you may need to think about a complete overhaul of your marketing image, in which case, your vinyl wrap could be the ideal way to launch your new logo and brand image. However, never use a different logo for your car wrap, no matter how much better than your existing logo and branding it is, without changing the logo on every other piece of branding you put out there. This creates a confusing impression and can really put customers off.

Your car wrap design really is all about strong brand integration, so avoid using photos that can be meaningless to your potential customers. A memorable message and your well designed logo will make your impressions for you.

Keep it short and sweet

Don’t write an essay or use a bullet list as customers won’t have a clear takeaway message. This is the time to keep it short, sweet and simple, with the following hierarchy: brand, tagline, web and/or phone number. Again, the focus should be on strong brand implementation, which is why you need a good designer who understands what works and what doesn’t.

Make your tagline memorable by thinking of your vinyl wrap as a mobile billboard. Think of posters you’ve found effective and use them as a template.

Stand out from the noise

While your instinct may be to add some fancy background graphics or interesting fonts, any good designer will steer you away from visual tricks towards something much more pared back and classic. Why? Think of the kinds of branding that’s really memorable – Apple’s classic white with the simple apple logo, for example – and how that stands out from all the visual noise around it.

You’re aiming for that same kind of strong visual impact amidst all the visual noise of the everyday world, and your vinyl wrap designer will help you achieve an innovative design that helps you stand out from the crowd. Sometimes less really is more.

Make it great

Never confuse car wrap design with print advertising. Where the latter gives your customer time to really absorb the message, you’ll have one chance with your car or van vinyl wrap to create that impression. If a passerby has to work too hard to figure out your advertising message, then that moment is gone and the opportunity to create a strong impression is lost.

Your designer will understand how to steer you towards creating one strong principal takeaway message that your customers will recognise immediately. They’ll also be clued up on distance legibility, so your message loses none of its impact wherever it’s viewed from. A good designer will also take into account the shape of your car and tailor the design accordingly, so it flows and wraps around the contours accurately.

You have a very limited amount of time to capture your viewer and get your branding and message across. Don’t waste it, make your design great.

Create a return on your investment

At the Sussex Sign Company, we believe in helping you exploit the power of car wrap design to create an eye-catching advertising statement that creates thousands of impressions and maximises the return on your investment. Our designers have the skill and expertise to create that clear, attention-grabbing message and design for you, so if you’re looking for the best sign company in Crowborough to take your ideas from concept to car wrap, give us a ring or an email and we’ll be happy to help.